Happy Last Weekend of 2018, Glibs! (LAST weekend, not LOST weekend. YMMV.)

I was super happy to check in on Kiva.org today and see that the tiny Glibertarians Lending Team has now made 20 loans! This has directly changed the lives of 20 entrepreneurs, their families and communities. Do join us in the New Year, if you are so led. It is always a reality check for me to see how little money it takes to make an impact in many nations around the world. I feel very fortunate that–until I win the lottery–I am able to make small loans and still do something of significance to promote capitalist success for other small business owners. Hmm…maybe I’ll say I’m in international finance next time I’m asked what I do.

Anyway! What will the next week bring here on the site? Let’s see.

As ever, links by OMWC, Banjos (I think Sloopy might be permanently MIA), Brett L, various cryptids and, perhaps, random stand-ins.

Tomorrow we have the I Fucking Love Astrology forecast from Not Adahn, and no spoilers, but I’m glad we are having an intimate NYE dinner party where all guests are personally known to us. Nephilium continues your brewing education with a bitter post. Monday, PieInTheSky has another installment of Pie Ponders, and I’m gracing you with a New Year’s Eve Open Post in case you don’t have Real Life friends and want to just drink and hang out here as we toss out the old and ring in the new.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019(!), Lackadaisical gets you in the proper Glibertarian mood to begin the year with an enlightening, first-person post on the US immigration system. In the evening, OMWC is back with a special Jewsday! Wednesday, we’re hopeful that there might be a dispatch from SugarFree, and there will definitely be an evening poll from yours truly.

Fourscore stops by on Thursday with some honeyed words, and on Friday, Animal brings you lesson 3 in your six-gun history education. Saturday, of course, mexicansharpshooter will be back with another review/not a review.

And as always, the more voices that are heard on Glibertarians.com, the better for all of us and liberty. So, if you’ve been thinking about writing an article on even the most esoteric of topics, please do! Join the Contributing Writers page. Learn more here.


The Saturday Night Open Post starts now! Have a good one, Glibs.