Happy New Year’s Eve, Glibertariat. I’m making barbecue because we don’t have anything truly great around here. Sonny’s is serviceable, but no Killen’s. Chef Steps brisket, 2 racks of baby back ribs, sausage, and fixins. We’re having some friends with kids over and my family. There should be lots of eating, shrieking, and probably some crying.

John Kelly provides one final service as Chief of Staff, waving red meat in front of the news mags on the border wall so that Trump can talk tough about it some more.

The Woodstock 50th Anniversary concert should be about the smuggest event of 2019.

Guatamalan family sues Universal Orlando after man ignores English warning sign, dies. I was frankly shocked to find out they didn’t have signs in Spanish, German, and Japanese.

Why does the NIH have armed agents?