I’ve checked the list twice. Some of you, naughty, some of you nice. (Some of you with terrible taste, but that’s another post.)

Wherever you fall on the Santa Worthiness Index, next week you are receiving a week of…SugarFree! He has been hard at work crafting a very special treat/punishment for you:

“A Hat and Hair Special Event: A Christmas Donald.”

This Event will run Monday through Friday at 1100. You’ve been warned! Surf the site during lunch at your peril!

Of course, you’ll also receive links from Banjos, Brett L, OMWC and perhaps others. Not Adahn kicks off your week with the IFLA forecast, and Nephilium continues his brewing series, FINALLY getting around to beer.

Your fellow Glibs A Leap at the Wheel, Plisade, I.B. McGinty, and banginglc1 will also be supplying great content for your evening edification and delight. The week wraps up with a review/not a review from mexicansharpshooter.

Alrighty then! On to the ever popular Saturday Night Open Post!

Thanks for being here, kids.