I’ve been unwell the past few days, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet, just like me. 😉

Next week on Glibertarians.com, you’ll get links. Mostly by Sloopy/Banjos, Brett L, and OMWC, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see mexicansharpshooter or Mad Scientist in the mix. Work happens. (Hi, Rufus!) Everyone’s favorite floating stone head and his pals from the SMITH family might turn up, as well. And by turn up, mean…give links.

In the Regular Features Department, Not Adahn not only gives you the IFLA forecast, but gives you a lesson for free! Web Dom has a vegan holiday recipe round up for you, and I’ll have a weekly poll. mexicansharpshooter will have something for you on Saturday, assuming he remembers to hit the Schedule button. And, oh, yes, there is a terrific, just the best, story from SugarFree in the usual Wacky Wednesday time slot.

What else? Nephilium has the next article in his Enslaving Yeast series, PieInTheSky spins some more Romanian tunes, CPRM has a new animated H&H for us, we have a Jewsday tradition, Sensei has some advice on learning a language when one is old, another member of the SMITH family drops by, and Animal continues your six gun education.

What a full week! As always, much heartfelt gratitude to the writers among the Glibs. We seriously could not do this without you!

And, we don’t say it often enough, thanks to all the donors who keep the server squirrels fed and the electrons humming to keep us online!

OK! On to the Saturday Night Open Post. Have a great rest of your weekend, kids.