I get to review the offerings from RobC, whose avatar is a beer, so you know it is going to be good. Lots of stuff from Cincy and Kentucky, that I’ve never tried so this should be fun.

Good Guy RobC

The Culprit

Rhinegeist: Puma Pilsner (40 IBU, 5.2% ABV, Cincinnati, OH)
An… interesting can, this pils reminded me more of an IPA than not. Floral notes and a bit too much ‘striking noble hops’ left me a bit bitter at only 40 IBUs. 1.9/5

West Sixth Brewing: Pay it forward Cocoa Porter (?? IBU, 6.0% ABV, Kentucky)
This was a lot tastier. The chocolate was very noticeable, but in a good way. Nothing truly special about this beer, but I would drink this all the time if it was available around here. 3.8/5

Falls City Brewing: Streetlamp Porter (??IBU, 5.4%ABV, Louisville, Kentucky)
Rather tingly mouthfeel for a porter, and decent head when first poured (how’s that for a euphemism?) Very rich flavors, must be the molasses. Could be great if it had a more heavy mouthfeel (I like the feeling that I’m eating bread), though this is easy drinking for a porter, especially at this ABV. 4.2/5

Country Boy Brewing: Cougar Bait American Blonde Ale (?? IBU, 4.9% ABV, Georgetown Kentucky)
Wasn’t very impressed with this offering, I think it may just be a limitation of the style, it isn’t offensive at all, but just doesn’t do it for me. 2.5/5

Against the Grain: 35K Stout (?? IBU, 7.0% ABV, Louisville Kentucky)
Weirdest can art ever. Delicious, I got a little buzzed on this one, I don’t have a great recollection of the exact qualities that made it enjoyable, it just was. 4.5/5

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (?? IBU, 8.19% ABV, Lexington Kentucky)
First impression: ‘I knew I shouldn’t have opened this one up. I’m sure it is expensive and probably tastes great to someone who loves bourbon. I hated it. I had that little shutter when you take your first shot of the night, barrel aged ales just don’t do it for me, unless the liquor taste is very subdued. This isn’t.’
Somehow by the time I took the second sip I found it was quite tolerable, and ended up enjoying it. I still suspect it was wasted on me. 3.0/5

RobC also sent a couple glasses and a hat! Sadly, one glass didn’t make it, but the important stuff (the beer) made it here just fine. Thanks to Rob for giving me a chance to try all sorts of beer from his region.