Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Gathering for the day with my large extended family at my paternal grandparents’ home was always one of the best days of the year for me while growing up. And I wish it were still possible.

I realize that I–unlike many–won the parent and family lottery. There was, and is, no acrimony in my family, no factions setting up against each other. No history of abuse or addiction. I had adult role models that I grew to respect and love even more as I matured. I know this is all too rare, and I am filled with gratitude that I had such a happy and solid start in life.

Because of this, holidays without my grandparents and my Mom are always bittersweet. Today, while my heart aches for my departed loved ones and for those among the living with whom I can’t spend the day, I feel immensely grateful to have had so many people in my life worth missing.

Nobody can replace those I cherish who have moved on in one way or another, but I’m thankful for the new friends I’ve found here among the Founders and the Glibertariat.

Now, enjoy yourselves (yes, I am the boss of you!) in this Thanksgiving Night Open Post.

Happy Thanksgiving!