Happy National Candy Binge Day. If you need a purgative, you should really check out SF’s final Subaru Horror Theatre story. I think the level of earnest ultra-violence really took this one to a new level. For more really excellent work, Elspeth Flashman’s first article about why not to talk to cops is here. Excellent and informative. Okay, everyone have a great day.

Oh, links to OTHER sites? I should do those too.

Conor Friesdorf, so independent he is voting straight-party Democrat, because (this is my favorite part) its critical that the Mueller investigation find out the truth about Trump’s collaboration with the Russians. You might remember Conor as The Atlantic’s token non-Democrat after Andrew Sullivan got lost in Sarah Palin’s vagina.

Well this is pretty damn cool. A quantum-magnetic compass that knows where it is based on documented anomalies. Get it on a chip and no more GPS satellites needed.

Maxine Waters as Speaker of the House? It may be possible that the libertarian mission of putting the most ridiculous people in office to destroy government credibility is working. (TW: Autoplay)

Finns raid “secret Russian military base”? I guess some people still remember who their enemies are.


Here’s some Finnish metal polka.