I think I went 8-8 last week, but in my defense, I never said I wasn’t terrible at handicapping.

If anyone wants to know, I got my odds here, on 9/26.


It’s that time of the week again. Here are this week’s picks:

Minnesota at the LA Rams (-7) The Rams have looked really good every week this year. The Vikings have looked like…. The Vikings (non-early-1970’s). 7 points at home? LAR – give the points.

Miami at New England (-7) I hate to pick against a team that’s come up with a way to win for many years, (and at home, too.) but New England has not been looking good this year. The Dolphins have found a way to win this year. And against a TD spread? MIA – take the points.

Houston at Indianapolis (-1½) The Texans have looked like a team that finds a way to lose – all three games this year. Indy just looks like a bad team, one that’s playing at home. IND – give the points.

Cincinnati at Atlanta (-5½) Atlanta’s not a horrible team, and Cincinnati isn’t a great one, but 5½ points to the Falcons seems a bit much. I’d say the Bengals will at least cover the spread.CIN – take the points.

Buffalo at Green Bay (-10) The Bills are an odd team. Mostly terrible, but can come out to play, as the Vikings saw. And since the Vikings tied the Packers, it would seem like both opponents would be comparable for the Bills. Therefore, I’m going to go with the Packers in this one (I know it makes no sense; that’s the point. Fuck you.) GB – give the points.

Detroit at Dallas (-10) This one is hard for me, as I’d like to see both teams lose. 10 points seems like a lot for the offense starved Cowboys, even against a team with as shoddy a defense as the Lions. DET – take the points.

NY Jets at Jacksonville (7½) The Jags are almost certainly a better team than the Jets; the real question is what the Jets will show – will they be the same team that smashed the Lions, or the one that gave Cleveland its’ first win in a couple years? For that coin flip, I choose not: JAX – give the points.

Tampa Bay at Chicago (-3) Again, I think Tampa is a better team than Chicago, but Chicago is home. Ehh, I’ll give this one to the road warriors. TAM – give the points.

Philadelphia (-4) at Tennessee. The Eagles are tough, but so are the Titans. And the Titans are at home. TEN – take the points.

Seattle (-3) at Arizona. Wow, you really have to suck. I mean, you really have to suck when you are a field goal down to Seattle as the favorite. Kinda hate to do this, but I’m going to pick the Cards here. ARI – take the points.

Cleveland at Oakland (-2½). Cleveland’s been playing a lot better this year, but they’re playing in Oakland. However, the spread is low. Yes, I’m actually taking the Browns, minus the points. Watch them win by 1. CLE – give the points.

San Francisco at LA Chargers (-10½) The 49rs suck, but I don’t think they suck more than a TD + FG against the Chargers (who aren’t that great themselves), even in LA. SF – take the points.

New Orleans (-3) at NY Giants. Yeah, the Saints are a better team than the Giants. I’d give them this one. NO – give the points.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-3). Yeah, and the Ravens are a better team than the Steelers, I’d give them this one. BAL – take the points

Kansas City (-5) at Denver. The Chiefs might have it over the Broncos, but a 5 point fav in Denver? They  aren’t that good. DEN -take the points.