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The Wall: Looking at some pictures and such, I saw a need to cover my bigger guns, add some blast wings and otherwise make the place looked lived in, as well as make a spot for all the German troops to fight from.

The top ended up with 4 different sally ports, that required learning to make sandbags. I’m still working on a good technique, but these will do for now.

Effects: Craters are fun, it takes 4 or mores washes, fills and paints to get ’em looking cool, but these will work well when it’s all said and done.


Wash #1


Wash #2

In Place


Water ‘Splosions: We decided to make some smaller stuff to round out the water, they should look great in the water.

Static Defenses: The barbed wire needed to be wrapped and painted before the Caltrops could be placed, but now the beach is finished, except for the details and sealing, which comes at the end.

In my usual fashion, I design and build as I go along, and find my direction that way, this build is no exception. Half of the men I bought won’t be used, half the pieces won’t be used, and different pieces/men will be purchased to fill in the blanks, you get what you pay for I guess. My terrain is very standardized and honestly somewhat boring, very grey scale, but the results will be fine.It will take several months to finish this one, so… I’m thinking for my next one, a castle on the side of a mountain, with waterfalls in several tiers, in COLOR!

Until next time.

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