I want to start off with a few mentions. First off, thanks to Yusef for the diorama posts. I wouldn’t have bothered writing this article without your articles showing the interest the glibertariat has in historic battles. Thanks also to straffinrun for encouraging me to snap some pics and linking the Mises podcast.

The Mises podcast is absolutely kickass and worth a listen.

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Part 2

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I’ll preface the bulk of this article by saying that I’m no expert on the Civil War, and I may get some details wrong.

Also, I highly recommend the following atlas if you are a civil war buff.


Here’s a basic view of the area surrounding the battlefield:


Now we zoom in to the battlefield.


I annotated the map to include some of the important landmarks:

From east to west between Henry Hill and Matthews Hill is the Warrenton turnpike. From north to south between Henry Hill and Chinns Ridge is Sudley Road.

I spent all of my time on Henry Hill, as I had my 1 year old with me and didn’t want to cross US 29 (Warrenton Turnpike) with her to walk Matthews Hill. These images are all hi res, so you should be able to zoom in by clicking on the images. Edit: the site choked on my super hi res images, so these are lower resolution but still clickable.

The Museum at Manassas

Looking East across the top of Henry Hill. Bull Run is about 1/2 mile into the woods.

Looking North from Stonewall Jackson’s statue at Henry House.

Henry House with Bull Run mountains in the distance

Still looking North at Henry House, Matthews Hill can be seen on the top right of the image

The above image is a bit deceptive. There is a large valley between Henry House and Matthews Hill.


Henry House and a monument to the battle

Turning to the East, you can see a Union artillery line

Union Cannons

Confederate Artillery on the West side of Henry Hill pointing east

From the Confederate Artillery to the Union Artillery is maybe 1/4 mile west to east

Mrs. Henry’s grave at Henry House

Henry House

You can go into some of the houses, including Henry House and Matthews House

Looking East from Henry House. Stone Bridge is buried in the distant woods out of sight.

Matthews House at the base of Matthews Hill. Warrenton turnpike passes right in front of the house

Chinns Ridge is back in the woods to the West across Sudley Road. I didn’t make it back there.

Working East along a loop around Henry Hill, there are info boards in various places.

Northeast of Henry Hill is Robinson House, which is around 200 yards away from Warrenton Turnpike

The foundation of Robinson House

Working back South toward the Union Artillery

Another info board

View from the Union artillery West toward the Confederate line

Natural Beauty

Sudley Church

My photography assistant


A picture is worth a thousand words, so this is like a zillion word article! Let me know if you have any questions or want to see something more in specific.